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Man ‘Dead’ According to Credit Reports

By Faye Mergel
Published: Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Many consumers are denied loan applications because their credit report shows that they have repeatedly missed their mortgage payments or because of the numerous credit card delinquencies under their name. But what happens when a man is denied credit because he is dead? Glenroy Allen knows it is a lot of tough time.

Man ‘Dead’ According to Credit Reports The Brevard County man is now on a struggle for life—on his credit report, that is. Several credit reporting agency (CRAs) made the mistake of listing him as dead, bringing all sorts of financial problem to the St. John, Fla. resident.

Allen never thought in his life that he would ever be listed on his credit report as deceased. Using a highlighter, the man showed that the CRAs did list him as deceased. The mistake leaves him struggling with his life as it has prevented him from availing any type of loan, including an auto loan he tried to apply for lately.

He said despite being listed as dead, he is still out there alive. Even his Social Security account could attest to that.

Allen, who works as a welder in St. John, found out about the error when he went to buy a pick up truck recently. The dealer denied him loan after reviewing his credit report because the CRAs listed him as deceased. Now, it is impossible for him to get a loan, open a bank account, or apply for a credit card without being cosigned by his wife. Allen lamented that there is nothing he can do on his own.

The man cannot tell yet how it happened, whether it was caused by a typographical error or by any other mistake. All he knows is that Nationwide Bank is the first to list him as dead, which had his mortgage five years ago. With the “deceased” notation already on his credit report, he finds it difficult to get help from anywhere.

A spokesperson from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said they are sending a counselor in to try to help Allen in his situation, to try to list him as alive again. But some analysts comment that it might be easier to raise the actual dead than to get the CRAs to correct their error.
Nationwide Bank was contacted to see if they can help Allen in his situation but a spokesperson refused to discuss Allen’s case as part of their company policy. However, the bank did assure that they will do anything they can to extend their help.

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