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Workers Advised to Check Credit Report after State Database Breach

By Faye Mergel
Published: Saturday, November 21st, 2009

A hacker managed to break into the database of Nebraska Worker’s Compensation, prompting the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help in identifying the culprits and those who may be affected. Investigators advise workers to review their credit report to detect any possible identity fraud.

Workers Advised to Check Credit Report after State Database BreachThe FBI and Nebraska State Patrol have collaborated to identify the people responsible for the recent breach which could affect thousands of people. Last week, the state’s chief information officer noticed that the Worker’s Compensation court is being traversed with an unusual amount of Internet traffic. The court’s administrator, Glenn Morton, said they had to immediately shut the server down.

The names, birth dates, and Social Security number of workers could be compromised, especially those who are filing court claims or collecting benefits.

Morton said it is extremely unfortunate that their server has been breached since those information are sensitive and could be used to commit fraud. He assured workers though that investigators are doing everything to find out how it happened and who are responsible. He added that their system is constantly under attack and can be very vulnerable once it lets its guard down. Morton explained that they regularly update their system and in during those times, they have to let their guard down, making it more vulnerable to security breach.

Nebraska Worker’s Compensation is confident that investigators will identify the hackers and the records which are compromised by the breach. But the group advises members to check their credit report immediately to prevent fraud. Morton said, however, there is no great threat that those personal identifying information will be used for ID theft. He also said the Worker’s Compensation Court will immediately inform people whose records have been hacked.

Nebraska’s attorney general said those who fear about their records should check their bank statements and request their credit report from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. If they find fraudulent items, workers are advised to place a fraud alert in their credit report to warn creditors that someone might be using it fraudulently. The alert must be filed to the three bureaus.

Specialists say affected workers must afterwards inform the Federal Trade Commission that their identity has been stolen. They are also advised to file a complaint with local police authorities. Experts say some police do not know how handle identity theft but they advise possible victims to be patient since a police report is one of the most important document that could clear their name.

Workers are advised to review their credit report a year later to make sure that no fraud has been committed against them after their case is initially resolved.

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