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Everything Counts: Don’t Miss Minor Details in your Credit Report

By Karen Anderson
Published: Friday, February 5th, 2010

Perfect does not exist in the world of credits. There are no perfect record, no perfect history and no perfect information. The world of credits evolves and revolves in its own plain imperfections. But unlike other imperfections that can be repaired; in the world of credits there are imperfections that are beyond repair if left unchecked for a long time. Credit report tips are dedicated in changing imperfections to new chances and new opportunities to improve as a credit consumer.

These tips are the front liners of equipping credit account holders against the flows of imperfection that credit account holders can suffer from. Here are some credit report tips in finding the possible points where you are becoming less and less credit worthy in the perspective of money lenders and financing firms.

Every single point counts, a good credit account holder would take every point seriously. A point can be too small as compared to the summation of your credit scores, but most cases of rejected loan proposals lack these small neglected points. It should be a common knowledge that credit scores rely on the credit report filed and compiled by the credit bureaus. The credit score is the numerical translation of what are written in words in the credit report. Therefore, the well being of your credit score can be directly attributed to the appeal of your credit report.

Credit report tips will make your credit report appealing enough to land the toughest of loan proposals by making you appear worth enough for credits.

The first step in improving your credit report is following the credit report tip of noting the possible situations where you can lose small points that can attest to your credit worthiness. Credit report tips in general pin point four major causes of losing credit worthiness.

  • Closing of a credit account by the guarantor
  • Having too much available credits
  • Wrong accounting of the Last Date of Activity
  • Too many inquiries on your account

Believe it or not, these four minute problems in your credit accounts can make big differences on your future credit worthiness. They can even make the calmest tides to wild tsunamis that can make you distressed and alarmed. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. There are some credit report tips you can follow to prevent these minor problems from becoming the big deals in your credit account.

First, try to use as much as possible all of your existing credit card accounts at least once in a while. Making a credit card account too stagnant will force the credit company to close it. Credit bureaus will not spend time to know the exact reason of the account closure. They will only see an account closed most probably because of delinquencies.

Second, insure too account for all the inquiries made on your account. Shopping for too many credit accounts will result to too many inquiries on your account. You should also account for illegal or unpermitted inquiries on your credit report. It is statistical to assume that more numbers of inquiries is related to less credit worthiness. And lastly, always take care of the time. Time is always of the essence in weighing the bearing of your financial activities to your credit report and credit score. If people can only take these simple credit report tips, credit reports will be less disputed and even less hassling to repair.

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