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How to Counter Abusive Collection Practices

By Karen Anderson
Published: Monday, November 23rd, 2009

One of the most common credit report tips is avoiding having our accounts sent to collections.

However, there are cases where we are unable to prevent this. It may be that we have been unable to pay our debt or loan to our respective creditors due to various reasons. In such cases, our creditors have the right to employ the help of third party collectors. 

What or who are third party collectors? Accordingly these are people who collect debt for others. The problem however is that the said third party collectors sometimes use abusive practices just so they are able to collect from the consumers. 

Many of us feel that since we were unable to pay our debts on time, then we should put up with these abusive practices as punishment. However, this should not be the case. Here comes the importance of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Familiarity with this law is among the important credit report tips to bear in mind. Accordingly, this law sets down certain regulations that third party collectors must follow. We must remember that just because we were unable to pay our debt does it mean that we should relinquish our rights as well. 

Only authorized personnel are able to collect our debt. These include legitimate collection agencies or attorneys who specialize in collections. Accordingly, they should employ respectable and legitimate means of collecting debt from us. A standard operating procedure which they must observe is that they should provide a validation of the debt they are collecting. 

One of the most essential credit report tips that would benefit consumers is looking for a validation from the collector. This validation takes the form of a written notice wherein the amount of debt and the name of the creditor is indicated. Through this, consumers are given the chance of disputing the validity of the debt. 

We have heard of countless of stories wherein collectors resort to annoying and improper practices just so they would get consumers to pay. An example of this is calling at obscene hours of the day or night. This is in fact illegal for according to the law, they should only contact consumers within the time frame of eight in the morning and nine in the evening. This is another advice to remember among credit report tips.

Of course, by no means should collectors abuse us, either verbally or physically. Threats and harassment are absolutely out of the question. If for instance we have hired an attorney to represent us, then collectors should direct all their concerns with our attorney. Our attorney in turn would be the one to relay the information to us. This means that we don’t have to deal with the collectors directly.

Remember that there are several credit report tips that would help us counter abusive collectors. In fact, we could even contact the Office of the State Attorney General if the collectors have failed to observe the proper regulations or if they have violated our rights.

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