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Knowing it First Hand: Fighting Identity Theft

By Karen Anderson
Published: Monday, December 21st, 2009

There are many ways on how to protect your credit report identity in connection with the prevalence of crimes on identity theft and identity fraud. These two identity crimes are usually committed by lawless elements to get hold of credit accounts free of financial responsibilities since different identities are used.

Credit scores are stolen to make the criminal’s credit worthiness ranking to increase and look viable for loans and borrowings. On the other hand, credit reports are stolen because of the valuable information it hold. One of the best credit report tips is to keep in mind that credit reports hold the key to allow anyone to use your personal information. The sky is the limit when it comes to the endless possibilities that identity thieves can do with the personal information included in your credit report, from personal address even up to your shopping behavior.

Protecting- your- credit report tips allow any credit report recipient to find ways of insuring that their credit reports are protected from these thieves. Symptoms of thievery are usually explained through credit report tips to let credit report owners have an edge in fighting this prevalent crime.

There are few simple symptoms that credit report tips warn the public with and prescribe the public to immediately act on. First, is failing to receive bills and mails. Changing the owner’s real address is the usual primary indicator of identity theft through credit reports.

The thief usually changes the address because of possible deliveries of the thief’s purchased products through your identity. Second, are credit card bills which you have to pay for even if, you are not the one who used the card to purchase. These bills are automatically the responsibility of the one with the name on it. Regardless of the fact that the thief is the one who made the purchase the factor that your name appears on it is enough justification for you to pay for it. Third, is a down spiraling of your credit worthiness ranking because of unexplainable reasons, like bad debts.

Thieves would pay no mind in settling the debts that they make, unsettled debts in your name will automatically translate to lower credit worthiness ranking.  And lastly, the worst of all is being served with court papers and warrants for crimes you are unaware of. It is possible that aside from the thievery of your credit report and identity the thief also has other pending criminal charges. In the event, that your name is linked with his or her committed crimes even the best credit report tips are not enough to help you.

The nature of credit report tips when it comes with symptoms of possible identity theft is immediate action. Time is indeed the essence in the possibility of stopping the crime. Upon noticing at least one of these symptoms credit report owners are prescribed to immediately report the possible committed crime. The right credit report tips in protecting your identity and the information included in your credit report will give you more chance to stop the crime of identity theft.

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