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The Advantage of Professional Credit Repair Services

By Karen Anderson
Published: Friday, November 13th, 2009

Credit report tips usually advice credit repair when consumers have either low credit scores or inaccurate credit reports. However, this does not necessarily mean that one should run to the nearest credit repair company. In the Fair Credit Report Act, consumers are able to dispute errors in their credit report for free. So this means that consumers have two options for credit repair: either they do it themselves or they hire a professional to do it for them.

Since individuals themselves are able to do whatever credit repair services offer, what then are the pros and cons to be considered when choosing an option? First of all, professional credit repair services are able to do credit repair faster than any individual can. This is primarily due to the fact that they have the added advantage of an organizational structure. This means that they are able to carry out the functions more effectively because they are already familiar with the workings and the process of the system.

That is why one of the important credit report tips is seeking professional help for credit repair. For instance, it is estimated that correcting a single error in a report takes about four hours when done by a single individual.  Individuals who therefore don’t have the leisure of time would rather opt for professional credit repair services. Not only are they spared of the legwork, they are able to save precious time as well. Completing and submitting documents could be a real hassle, not to mention following up on them.  Professional credit repair companies offer the advantage of taking the stress of credit repair off the individual.

The question therefore is finding a reputable company. An equally valuable advice among credit report tips is being able to distinguish between legal and illegal credit repair services. This is in order to avoid scams that prey upon unwitting consumers. Of course, we shouldn’t go to the first company we find. Another good suggestion is to check with the Better Business Bureau. Through them, we could know if the company had any consumer complaints in the past. Or better yet, we could consult our local state attorney general’s office to know if the company is being legally investigated.

Perhaps the most essential among the credit report tips is familiarity with the CROA or the Credit Repair Organizations Act. So whenever a credit repair agency claims to do anything that is prohibited by the CROA, then that’s a sure sign that it’s a scam. These illegal practices include creating a new identity for the client and falsification of accurate information in credit reports. Moreover, they would also ask their clients to waive their CROA rights.

Remember, it pays to be cautious and wary. We should not be so desperate or naïve as to believe the claims of credit repair companies. Having a good grasp of our rights, careful research on credit repair and consideration of these credit report tips would surely propel us to make the right decision.

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