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Creditors – How to Avoid Fake Credit Reports Online

By George Hauser
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Credators are everywhere, thus the need for a reputable credit score advice! A majority of scammers prey on victims through free credit reports online. A majority of people have been victimized by these websites, acquiring personal information from innocent consumers. To avoid falling prey to these fraud credit report websites, you may want to do the following. 

  1. Seek a credit score advice and check if the Website is Legitimate- before signing anything or doing deals online, always remember to DO YOUR RESEARCH. A lot of people are victimized by fraud web services mainly because they don’t check if the site they are dealing with is safe or not.

    Avoid being one of them by doing research. Which site has a large number of followers? Which credit report website has been there for the longest time? The longer the company has been existent, the more you are sure that it really does exist. More years in the business means that they probably served a lot of consumers well.

  2.  Look for Affiliate Companies-real credit report websites have partner companies to back them up. By learning about the companies that look after and support your chosen free credit report source, you will be able to trace which company has good background and which does not.
  3. Look for Web talk- yes, people talk. And when a helpful website is around, people quickly learn about it for a credit score advice. The more customer feedback you find on-line, the higher the chance that the site is believable.
  4. Research on the best credit report websites online. A majority of credible credit report websites have a seven day free trial before you actually pay for them. You might as well take advantage of these options and get a glimpse of your financial status. If you happen to like their service, you may choose to continue with their service. If you are not interested in paying, just remember to decline after the trial period to avoid any problems.

    In the United States, there are said to be three main reporting bureaus assigned by the government to provide a free credit report once a year, so you may want to check on that.

  5. Find Comparison- a wise way to find out if your free credit report source is to research on at least two or three different credit report websites and test their free trial services. The results of the credit reports you tell with give you an idea if you are getting accurate information or not.

People in the past have gone through different forms of fraud websites which makes it more important to seek a credit score advice. But among the dangerous things that could happen to you, should you be a victim of a fraud website is through someone stealing your identity. The number one problem usually encountered by most, is identity theft. By having copies of your credit report, you are able to monitor which payments are not made by you. If ever you encounter a site that asks for different information at once, think twice before typing. For a credit score advice, before you put out personal information online, it really is best to double or triple check on the site to make sure that giving your private information is safe.

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