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Does Monthly Check-ups for Credit History Exist?

By Brian Anderson
Published: Thursday, March 25th, 2010

It might be awful to know that you are in debt, but it is even worse if you suddenly find out that you are indeed in debt when in fact you never applied for a loan of any sort. I could barely imagine how bad it feels for a person to suddenly check his or her credit report and find out that someone has been using his credit identity for a fraudulent activity and the like.

There are many instances wherein people will have to purchase a major investment like a house or a car through a credit company and then be informed that their request can not be processed because they have an outstanding loan. These people are shocked, knowing that they have dutifully paid their financial obligations. The though of a criminal committing fraud comes up to his mind and now things just turn out to be devastating for this particular person.

This scenario would not happen if a credit score advice is followed religiously. Like what kind of credit score advice exactly? Simple, the top among my list of credit score advices is to review your credit history from time to time. Nothing beats preemptive monitoring of possible fraudulent activities. Scammers are aware of who are consistently monitoring their credit histories and would avoid them. Susceptible targets to these kinds of scams are those who are negligent in monitoring their credit statures.

If in case you are already victimized by this kind of fraud, the next best credit score advice to follow is to inform the authorities about it. The police officers and authorities in the Federal Trade Commission are the best people to contact regarding this kind of illegal activity. And they will also be able to assist you in fixing your credit history which was misused by the scammers.

Last credit score advice I will give you is to contact your credit report company and dispute right away the fraudulent information reflected in your credit history. You will be able to dispute inaccurate information about your credit history. You just need to produce the necessary evidences that will prove your appeal is valid. For example, you might produce a letter from your office that supports your claim that you are working a 9AM-5PM shift and it would be impossible for you to visit an auction house at 10:30AM to buy a house and a lot on credit.

So, does it sound more valid now to check your credit history once in a while? It will definitely give you assurance and peace of mind if you are ensured that no one has been using your credit information and identity and thus misrepresenting you and ruining your hard-earned good credit reputation.

Make it to a point to ask or a free copy of your credit report from any of the top three credit report companies and give yourself a sigh of relief every time it reflects your real stature. Kiss your anxiety goodbye with this preemptive step towards financial security.

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