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Have you been victimized by a Fraudulent Credit Repair Company?

By Brian Anderson
Published: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Are you depressed because of your financial status? Did you ever consider asking a credit repair company to mediate in fixing your credit history, as part of a credit score advice? By some play of bad luck, did you encounter a credit score advice which turned out to be a scam and suddenly realized that you spent thousands of dollars without actually achieving the results you are expecting?

Many people have gone that way before you did so do not aggravate the anguish and self-pity that you feel right now. Out of anxiety, many people are lured by companies which offer credit score advice that prove to be worthless. But there are many ways that you could get back that precious money you spent. And you could only do so if you have enough idea how to do it.

There are existing state laws which protect consumers from fraudulent activities. Some law enforcers might prove of great help to you right now if you do not have any idea how to file a reimbursement for your credit repair expenses

There is no need to fear the government for any kind of inquiry especially if the inquiry involves a scam like this one. Some people might be overwhelmed by reporting this kind of activity right after learning that they have entered a scam but there will be more problems if these activities will not be reported to the law enforcers. Remember that companies operating a scam will offer credit score advice which are too good to be true so be wary of promises that may seem to promise you a sparkling clean credit history even if you have a pretty bad history in reality.

Your local consumer affairs office might also be helpful in answering your inquiries about a reimbursement. Also useful in your endeavor is to contact the Attorney General of your state if you cannot access the help of any of the other officials stated above.

So, how do you begin your inquiries? You can either personally pay a visit to your local police office or direct to the consumer affairs office in your state. If you cannot make it personally to this officer, you may also opt to browse your telephone directory for relevant contact numbers or the hotline numbers of these government institutions. Some Attorney Generals have hotline numbers which are toll-free. And just in case you do not have a phone nearby, you could access the internet for a list of the attorney generals in your state.

Just keep in mind to ask for the right credit score advice the next time around. Beware of illegitimate companies lurking. The best way to avoid them is by critically looking for the warning signs of fraud and scam: too good to be true promises and advanced down payments even before the work is done. As Max Ehrmann said in the Desiderata: With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.”

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