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If you are already In Debt, Cut your Credit Card Expenses

By Brian Anderson
Published: Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Need a credit score advice? Hear this. Besides applying for housing or car loans from the bank or other money-lending institutions, one of the most common ways of acquiring a huge amount of outstanding debt is by purchasing with your credit card. It has been marketed scrupulously as a staple in every person’s wallet—just in case they do not have cash but need to buy something right then and there. It is almost as good as cash and so the demand began to spread all throughout the globe. Here is a couple of credit score advice before you apply for or use again your credit cards.

But while many people regard this electronic plastic wonder as one of the most helpful inventions of the 20th century, there will always be the other side of the coin that the credit card companies will keep away from our sight. They will exaggerate the benefits while keeping the negative facts lying low. And these credit card orientations do not even include credit score advice.

Being the nature of marketing and advertising, the good will always be given the limelight while the not so good (more often than not, bordering on the bad) details will be kept in the fine details section in the bottom most part of the contract. Another point of consideration is that credit card companies will not proliferate if they do not see you, credit card holders, as a profitable market they can exploit.

Although credit cards can obviously give you a sigh of relief when purchasing goods without readily available money, it is usually straining to find your credit card maxed out by buying unnecessary things. It is often hard to track your expenses using a credit car because it is easier to swipe a plastic card to pay for things rather than count your bills every time you pay for a purchase. Worse is when you see the credit card bill at the end of the month. So a wise credit score advice is to minimize your credit card purchases.

But why should I minimize credit card purchases?

Basically, middle-class workers rely on purchasing with the use of their credit cards until their salary arrives at the end of the month. It is a means of tiding over the family through cashless days. But relying on a credit card to make ends meet is already an indication that your income is not enough to cover the family’s expenses in a month. Moreover, credit card interest will only aggravate your incapability to fully provide for your family’s needs in a month’s time.

Another credit score advice is to pay your credit card company as soon as you receive money from your employment or livelihood. This will ensure you that your debts will not pile up. Credit card companies are sometimes straining when they border on the harassment just to get you to pay your credit. Furthermore, this will give you a peace of mind. Because readily paying your credit card company will ensure you that you have a tip-top financial management scheme which will not worsen your credit history.

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