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The Law behind Credit Repair

By Brian Anderson
Published: Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

There are many instances of persuading an individual to seek for credit repair online. Sometimes, there are even companies who promise 100% bad credit deletion or credit repair. Credit repair is indeed necessary for everyone who is suffering from the erroneous judgment or unfair publication of individual information by the credit bureaus. You cannot be blamed for seeking for credit repair or credit score advice. On the other hand, you should also be aware that even credit repair aids are flourishing; there is still what we consider the lawful or the illegal credit repair schemes.

As what was mentioned earlier, there are certain advertisements you can see that actually entices you to grab of their credit repair services. It is good to know that there are many out there who are willing to lend a hand to lift you from your doomed situation but not all of these are actually legal. It is not wrong to repair outdated or unverified items but not all of those companies offering for repair assistance or credit score advice are actually giving their clients what they promised them.

According to the CROA or the Credit Repair Organization Act, credit repair companies should not make deceptive claims. They are not allowed to make false representations or guarantees like erasing bad credits or deleting unwanted debts in your credit report. This law is known to many credit repair companies and even to those entities which are giving their clients credit score advice. The law covered this provision because in reality, there are no guarantees involved with credit repair. Sometimes even if you followed and understood the process of disputes, no deletion happens because of other important factors.

A credit score advice that truly works is the one that is bounded by honesty. For a more guaranteed repair of your credit score, provide factual statistics for in cases when your information is not true, things would rather become worse.

Moreover, most credit repair companies tend to usually ask the clients which items are to be disputed. The CROA reiterates that there should be no credit repair company or no other individuals or credit score advice experts have the right to remove factual information in the credit report. This is so because there are instances when the information is true but detrimental to the credit score. Some fraudulent and dishonest credit repair companies would go to the extent that even the correct information is ought to be disputed. This is dishonesty on the part of the consumer and may further lead to a more complex damage other than a low credit score.

As a consumer, you always have the right to dispute but be careful with choosing the credit repair company which will handle your dispute. Seek for the ones which have been proven to be honest and those that deliver desirable results. After all, truth will always prevail in the end. There is no use deleting a factual item because it will always come back and appear in your record no matter how hard you work for it to be hidden.

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