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Top 5 Credit Score Advice to Live by

By Brian Anderson
Published: Saturday, January 9th, 2010

In these times of desperation, most Americans recognize the need for an infallible credit report to tide them over. When most of us are losing jobs due to the fiscal crisis that hit the country, it is about time that we start pooling resources and minimize unnecessary expenses.

And a particular unnecessary expenditure is hiring a credit repair company to fix your credit report. In lieu of wasting your precious, hard-earned money for some illegitimate companies who promise to “fix” your credit report in no time, here are my top 5 advices for the financially troubled.

Credit Score Advice # 1: If you want to repair your credit report, you can do it yourself.

Anyone can do his or her own credit repair. While it will demand of you your time and effort in processing the necessary documents to improve your credit report, the fact is that you can do it yourself—without hiring someone to do it for you. You just have to come up with a personal debt repayment plan which you have to carry out in the span of years you indicated and you are off to a better credit report in no time.

Credit Score Advice # 2: Stop being gullible.

Indeed, when we are in the brink of desperation and breakdown, we seem to be more vulnerable to the sweet sales talk of people who offer an instant credit report fix. The truth is, they are only taking advantage of your helplessness and tries to relentlessly milk some more money from your thinning wallets.

Credit Score Advice # 3: Scams proliferate during the hard times. Be wiser.

 When everything is said and done. It is up to you to distinguish which company will really help you in solving your financial problems. And more often than not, it is best to rely on your basic instincts to tell you if you really need to spend money just to fix your money troubles. But if you are actually clueless on how to do the repair yourself, you can inquire at the Federal Trade Commission about fixing your credit report the legitimate way.

Credit Score Advice # 4: Resist the persuasive powers of the media.

These credit repair companies recognize that the media (i.e. TV, radio and the internet) is an influential part of the daily decision making of people, not only in the United States but all over the world. Being the dominant medium of expression, it does influence us into considering that credit repair companies can really help us. But always remember that not all that we see in our television sets will really help. We have to be most decisive during these times.

 Credit Score Advice # 5: Settle your problems by directly talking to your creditors.

 I know how hard it is to make yourself visible to the people with whom you owe a huge amount of money. But then again, they are also the people with whom you have to settle your debt. And explaining to them that you are willing to pay your debt by laying down a paying scheme that will last for a couple of years will be more helpful than being chased down by your creditors for disappearing and never lifting a finger to ask them for alternative ways of debt payment.

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