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What to Do with Inaccurate Credit Reports

By Brian Anderson
Published: Thursday, November 12th, 2009

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has allowed borrowers to question items which are inaccurately placed in their credit reports. Such items are those that are not supposed to be there like debts which appear unsettled but has already long been paid by the borrower or may also be amount which was exaggerated from reality. These items in question are detrimental to your credit opportunities and may dictate your borrowing and payment terms and interest. A good credit score advice you could take is to opt for credit score repairs.

Most consumers would rather opt to repair their scores on their own. This is because they do not want to spend more for credit repair companies. It is understandable for consumers to opt for self-repair because there are already a lot of fraudulent credit repair companies which offer a good result but would let you end up still with unfixed credit scores. They usually give credit score advice that does not actually work for the consumer’s condition.

If you are one of those whose credit reports are not accurate, you can decide whether to repair your score on your own or not. When you do credit score repair, you should be able to identify which items in your credit report are questionable. Many would send dispute letter to credit bureaus at once without thorough preparations. When this happens, all your efforts will be gone and inaccurate report will ruin your opportunities.

One credit score advice you can rely on is that you should prepare the documents needed for the item or items in question. Your receipts are very important supports for your dispute. Whenever you write a letter of dispute, you should send it along with data that can serve as proof for the item’s inaccuracy. This part of the credit repair process is usually neglected by the consumer that sometimes, they question why no amendments are yet done in their credit reports. They wait for a long time and nothing happens because their claims are not supported by evidence.

Moreover, dispute letters should be written in such a way that they deal with the problem directly. Fancy letters do not actually work for the credit bureaus. Credit score advice experts would remind you that dispute letters should be precise and brief and should directly tackle the item in dispute. Include in your letters that you are attaching some pertinent documents that would solidify your claim. There is nothing wrong with questioning your credit reports. Just be reminded that for you to enjoy favorable results for your claim, you should do the dispute right.

If you think you do not have the time to dispute your inaccurate credit reports, you can always have the help of professional to do the questioning for you. You can seek for credit score advice professionals from good credit repair firms. People whom you pay for help should understand your concerns clearly and should be able to realize the corrections in your credit score and modify your chances for borrowing privileges.

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