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Ex-wife Sued after Credit Check

By Sally Maison
Published: Sunday, October 4th, 2009

A US serviceman sued his former wife after finding out that she opened a credit card account under his name while he was away. The ex-wife waived her right to a preliminary hearing so the case will immediately be forwarded to court.

Ex-wife Sued after Credit CheckA United States serviceman who was deployed in Afghanistan recently went home to find out that an account was opened under his name after checking his credit report. The account was for a credit card deal with a multi-based financial corporation. Upon reviewing his report he noticed that during May 2008, a period he spent in the Middle East, a Capital One credit card account was opened using his name. He then found out that his former wife was the one who has been using the card and has amassed 979 dollars in purchases.

Kingston (PA) police reports that the serviceman’s former wife, Karen Mary McCann McGill, signed up with Capital One using the name of Donald McGill while he was assigned with the Pennsylvania National Guard in Afghanistan.

Karen McGill decided to waive her right to a preliminary hearing which would have determined if the case requires trial. As a result, the case will proceed to court immediately to Luzerne County on November 20.  She is set to be tried for identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the United States according to finance experts.

Identity theft was the most common complaint that the Federal Trade Commission received last year, which accounts for 26 percent of the total number of cases they held in 2008. The most common form of identity theft is credit card fraud which made up 20 percent of all the cases last year. FTC reports that consumers spent $1 billion from 2007 to 2008 alone in fighting the crime. From 2005 up to this year, about 500 million identifying information contained in private and government databases were stolen.

Finance specialists advise consumers to be mindful of items appearing their account. Consumers should take advantage of their right to a free credit report once a year to prevent fraudulent items from accumulating in their account, experts say. They add that regular credit check is still the best way to combat credit frauds which victimized 10 million Americans last year alone. Specialists warn consumers that almost 20 percent of consumers from 2003 to 2004 took 4 years before finding out that they have been victimized.

FTC recently launched a campaign which will help consumers fight the crime with their tagline “deter, detect, and defend.”

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