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Lamborghini Rewards Consumers with Excellent Credit Score

By Sally Maison
Published: Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Consumers with excellent credit scores could soon be driving a Murcielago LP460 coupe with the newest finance offering from Lamborghini. The company says having a really good credit and a score of at least 740 is all it takes to get behind the wheels of a $354,000 exotic sports car.

Lamborghini Rewards Consumers with Excellent Credit ScoreAutomobili Lamborghini announced their “Retail Finance Plan” this week that offers low interest loans for consumers who have strong debt standings. Aside from Murcielago LP460 coupe, the other vehicle up for grabs is the Roadster (2009 and 2010 year models). The Italian luxury car manufacturer and distributor is working alongside Volkswagen Credit Inc. and Woodside Credit Inc. to provide alternative financing to race car enthusiast all over United States. The program will be implemented through local distributors who will be backed by the Lamborghini.

The chief operating officer of Lamborghini for the United States says provides the most competitive prices to finance two of the most exclusive cars available in the market today.

To qualify, buyers must have a credit score of 700 or higher and a minimum down payment of at least ten percent of the total car price. Qualified road enthusiasts will enjoy rates which start at 5.99 percent, low monthly payments, and terms that could extend up to 12 years. Buyers who have a credit score above 740 and can provide higher down payment will be offered a zero percent interest rate for a 60-month term. This translates to paying $5,130 each month after giving the required 10 percent down payment. Specialists say 60 months is the longest car loan period distributors could provide, noting 3 and five years as the typical range for these loans. They add that a plan that is 6 years long is considered too lengthy and could be risky for dealers as well.

Assuming that consumers do meet the requirements, vehicle experts say they will be able to ride a 640 horsepower car that can take drivers from zero to 62 in less than 3.5 seconds. The coupe can be floored up to 211 miles per hour while the Roadster has a maximum speed of 205. With that muscle, buyers will be paying about $540 per horsepower.

Sports car distributors are thrilled about the prospect of distributing exclusive vehicles to consumers with excellent credit scores. They say it will help in turning every road enthusiast’s fantasy into a reality. But specialists say there is more to that. They explained that such programs could help restore activities at the higher end of vehicle market.

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