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Have your dream house with a good credit score

By George Hauser
Published: Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Some people do not really realize the importance of maintaining a good credit score. The truth is it could help you land a job and get a car or a house. If a person has a bad credit score then no company would be willing to financially trust you.  No company will invest their money to a risk credit person.

Maintaining a good credit score is actually very easy. All you have to do is follow this guideline and you sure will enjoy the benefits of your score in the future.

Companies give their clients a grace period to settle their bills for the month. Paying within the grace period is what a lot of us are guilty of but paying on the due date itself or even earlier than that. The easiest and most effective way to have a good score is payment made on time.

If you are advised to close all your unused accounts to improve your score, better not listen to them. Instead of saving you, it might only cause you more damage. But if you have decided to close some of your cards, it is recommendable that you leave the oldest opened. This will help you establish a good credit history. Lenders look on the length of one’s credit history, the longer, the better. And to make it more effective, spread put your balances among the cards you have decided to maintain.

Have you heard of rapid rescoring? Yes, right this is the quicker way on how one can boost his score in no time. One factor that makes your score unimpressive is unpaid payment or delayed but rapid rescoring is a quick fix. This is easily achieved by paying off all your current balance and reporting some errors in your credit.

The rapid scoring service of course is not freely rendered. A company may charge you around fifty dollars for each account but this amount is reasonable for it could help you save thousands of dollars. In seventy-two hours, new information on your credit report would be posted.

There might be some legitimate companies that could help you improve your scores with rapid rescoring but you too should not be lax and very trustful to any company that promises you of deleting your bad credit history in your credit report in just few days. It takes years before such information could be erased. To make things worse, they will ask you some cash to do it where in fact nothing can be quickly done about it.

If you still wish to have a company’s help for your credit score just make sure that you go for a legitimate company or you’ll only be compromising your credit score and reputation. There are some resources where you could shop around for the right help. Better yet, ask someone who has a firsthand experience using a certain company’s service but the best source for information is your bank. Aside from the free service, rest assured that everything is done legally.

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