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How Can Combining Credit Can Affect Your Credit Report Positively

By Brian Anderson
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Of course, one of the most likely situations that will happen in your life is marrying the person you love. Obviously, marrying is a normal experience for any human being, at least for normal humans. In fact, most Americans at marrying age will actually marry. There are actually a few people who do not choose to marry. Also, once a person decides to tie the knot, there are many crucial decisions that that couple must make. Where to rent an apartment, where to work, how many kids will be raised, where to settle; all these things must be decided by every person who decides to marry. In addition, there is also one crucial decision that couples must make: should they combine their credit? How can it affect their credit reports? Is combining credit one of the valuable credit score tips for you?  

Of course, it is inevitable for every couple to consume, and of course, to use credit card for their spending. Remember that most people who use credit cards already have a family, and the parents are the one responsible for most of the families’ expenses. That is the reason why deciding whether to combine credit or not is necessary. For couples who decide to combine their respective credits, it is likewise necessary for them to know ways how can it positively affect their credit report. Definitely, marrying someone does not necessarily have to result to a bad credit report. Take a look at the following ways how can combining credit can be one of the effective credit score tips, in able for it to result to a good credit report. 

  1. Consider credit history
    Of course, before you marry, both of you have separate credit report history. Most likely, one would have a better credit score than the other, and likewise, e better credit history than the other. In this case, when one has a significantly shorter credit history, most likely, combining credit would result for the person to acquire the longer credit history of his/her partner. Therefore, whenever you have a bad credit history, but only has a short one, and your partner has the longer credit history, and at the same time the longer one, then it is very wise for both of you to combine credit. This would definitely mean a better credit score for you.  
  2. Take into account credit utilization rate
    Remember that the higher credit utilization rate, the lower the credit scores. This means, when you have a lower credit utilization rate than your partner, and combine credit with him/her, then you will likely witness your credit score to become lower. Likewise, when your partner has a lower credit utilization rate, then joining with your partner would bring a better credit score. The trick here is for the couple to compute which combination would positively affect one without negatively affecting the other.

Looking at these steps would surely make you know how combining credit can positively affect your credit report score, and likewise, your credit report. In the end, combining credit may prove to be one of the most effective credit score tips that you may have.

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