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How to Clean up your Credit

By George Hauser
Published: Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Not many credit holders realize the importance of their credit reports. It is true that you should at least have an idea of what a credit report and a credit score is before you apply for a loan. However, you should also try asking yourself what these ideas mean to your financial relationships with creditors and lenders and to your credit status in general. 

Most credit score tips that are introduced to consumers who are starting to build credit revolve about way to increase their credit scores given a short credit history. Other than these, there are also several credit score tips that will tell you what to do to repair your bad credit without risking your credit score’s standing. However, because whether your credit score rises or sinks is dependent on the contents of your credit report, you should not forget to focus on this piece of document. 

A lot of credit score tips will tell you to review your credit report on a regular basis. This is very important if you want to rebuild or repair your bad credit. Remember that bad credit will not get you the loan, the insurance, the apartment, the car or the employment you have been eyeing. 

To help you build your credit and get your credit score back in shape, here are several practical credit score tips you can apply. 

Clean up from junk mail

Just like many people, there’s no need to hide how much you hate junk mail. There are many credit card companies that very annoyingly send out junk mail to consumers. The pile of useless mail on your doorstep is enough to tire you in the morning. Other than that, if you continuously receive them, you could very well develop the habit of throwing everything that looks like junk. 

This is not a good habit because you could throw away important notices from your credit card company. It might seem far out, but junk mail can lead into a lot of possible trouble. So, the best thing to do is to opt out of credit card and other offers. 

Do a report review

As mentioned most credit score tips highlight the importance of reviewing your credit report. There could be inaccuracies in the information it contains which can decrease your credit score. And if you want to change such information, you should file for disputes. The three credit bureaus give out copies of consumer credit reports to consumers for free every twelve months. You should request for this kind of service if you want to improve your credit. 

Monitor your credit cards

The best of credit score tips tells people to manage the use of their credit cards. If you have too many credit cards, you should make an inventory. Surely, you will find out from the pile of billing statements you have which among your credit cards are not really necessary. 

Though credit score is affected by the length of time you have kept an account open, you can still have some of your credit cards closed. However, make a wise decision and go for one which will not hurt your score. Again, there are credit score tips that can guide you about closing credit card accounts.

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