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How to Secure an Apartment despite Bad Credit

By George Hauser
Published: Friday, December 11th, 2009

Other than loans, insurance, employment and other services, houses and apartments are also most of the time dependent on credit. This implies that landlords also request for a copy of your credit report before they decide to give you a place to live. 

Housing is one of the most important concerns of every individual. When you are shopping for a house, you should consider credit score tips that would help you fix your credit score and up your credit score first. As much as your credit standing is an important consideration in different financial transactions, the contents of your credit report and how it is reflected on your score could also leave you homeless. 

And just like everybody else, you would not want to live on the streets. Also, credit requirements differ across different landlords. Some could still deny your application despite a flawless credit or rental history. 

But what if you have bad credit? Here are some credit score tips that can help you find a house despite having bad credit.

Avoid credit check

Although most landlords do a credit check, not all of them do. You can always seek out these landlords. Online, you can search for websites where landlords advertise their apartments or condos. There is also a classified listing on the local Sunday newspapers. Most homeowners get purchase their houses through real estate agents. 

Whichever way you choose the important thing to remember aside from checking the house is to be able to inquire about what the landlord’s criteria is for approval. This way, you can find out if they do credit check or not. 

Get recommended

One of the most recommended credit score tips that can help you rebuild your credit is to have a co-signer. While you are building your credit and looking for a house at the same time, you can also look for people who can recommend you to your potential landlord. 

You can ask your previous landlord, employers and people you have financial relationships with for a testimonial. Other than that, you can also ask the bank for their word. This way, they can vouch for your financial responsibility and lessen the bad effects of your bad credit. 

Whether you are preparing for apartment rental or whatever financial endeavor, effective credit score tips will tell you that you should pay off pass due accounts on your credit report. While you are at it, ask your creditor to write a letter which states that your dues have been paid in full already. 

However, be sure that your landlord needs recommendation letters. If he doesn’t do credit check and you give him a letter from your creditor, he could be suspicious about your credit history. In other words, the recommendation letters should only be sent when necessary. 

Get a co-signer

Many credit score tips would also advise you to handle your credit accounts responsibly like keeping your credit card balances low and not exceeding your credit limit. And there are also tips that can help you repair your damaged credit report. But when time comes that you need a place to stay and your credit report doesn’t look so good, you should consider getting a co-signer. 

There are many landlords who allow co-signers in the lease. Like in credit card applications, you should look for people who can meet the financial qualifications.

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