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When you think something’s wrong, file a credit report dispute

By Brian Anderson
Published: Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Credit reports determine your credit score. Your credit score will determine whether or not you’ll be able to get that loan. Simple logic will tell you that wrong information on your credit report could practically jeopardize your credibility.

You know you paid all your debts on time, and you have only used your credit card for the things you could really afford. How come your low credit score almost gives you a heart attack? Those who make your credit report are not perfect. Errors can always happen, even in credit reports. But before you storm out of your house and demand an explanation, congratulate yourself for noticing and then remember that such things can be corrected.

As mentioned, you should feel proud for being able to notice errors. One of the credit score tips is to study very well your credit report, because if you do not check for possible errors, you could really be suffering the aftermath of having very low credit score. These are the things you should do when you think there are and actually see mistakes on your credit report.

As soon as you discover errors, make a copy of your credit report and encircle all the mistakes you find. Then make a letter addressed to the reporting company explaining your dispute. One of the credit score tips you should remember is that you have the right to request for an investigation to resolve the issues. Your credit report is your concern and there’s nothing wrong with asking respectfully for an explanation.

It would be better to send along other documents that would support your claims; however, do only send copies of the original paperwork. If it is impossible to send it personally, make use of a certified mailing service and do not forget to request for a receipt just so you can be sure that the reporting company received it.

Send the similar letter of dispute to the creditor who gave the statements you disagree with. Another of the credit score tips you can follow when mailing is to get the address for disputes because most often than not, it is different from the payment address. You would not want your letter getting lost.

Attach documents that would verify your residence, like a copy of your driver’s license. Your dispute will pass through an investigation initiated by your reporting agency and your creditors. Anything that’s proved to be wrong will be deleted from your credit report. One of the credit score tips you should not forget is to keep track of the developments of your disputes. The creditor would have to notify you of the changes, if any.

One of the credit score tips is to initiate an investigation yourself through the internet. There are many online credit reports that have links that lead to checking disputed items. Another is to notify your creditor first about the disputes before the investigation happens. So that by the time the dispute is verified, the error is already corrected.

On the other hand, disputes don’t always mean a change in your credit report. Sometimes, even if you file a dispute if the reporting agency thinks that there is nothing wrong with the report created, changes will not happen. But, they would have to give you the information about the particular individual who made the report. You can always also disagree, but that would mean initiating a second investigation.

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