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What Are The Information Inclusion And Exclusion Of My Credit Monitoring Report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

For first timers, they aren’t too familiar yet with how and what should be the information that is included on their credit report. Here are some of the information that you should see on your credit report:

1. Personal Information:

Your personal information will include your name, your authorized users, previous addresses, current addresses, social security number, telephone number, date of birth and your current and previous employers. All these information had been compiled from all the credit applications you took in the past.

2. Credit Information:

The information under this category would include your past and current credit accounts and the users that you have authorized. Other information includes dates what and when the account had been opened, the balance, credit limit, payment scheme and the payment history. In other words it is a track of how you managed your credit. Negative information like bankruptcies and delinquencies are negative information monitored in the report and will remain on the report for as long as seven years. With this, it is important that you closely monitor your credit so you can prevent farther damages.

2. Public Record Information

Information that fall under public record are those which the government has issued like the courts of laws. Papers which indicate tax liens, unpaid child support and bankruptcies are some of the information obtained from public records. Records which are publicly known stay on your records for seven years and that is not at all a good impression for lenders.

3. The Inquiries that you made

Any inquiry that you make is monitored by credit bureau especially the hard inquiry. Hard inquiry is made when a lender or a credit card company checks on you for them to determine whether or not you deserve an approval of a loan or a credit card. It is also very negative when you make a lot of hard inquiries in just a short span of time. They actually remain on your records for a couple of years and can in a way hurt your record. There is also what we call the soft inquiry. It is an inquiry made just for the purpose of marketing. For some companies they include it the report but it does not damage the score; it will just be for record keeping purposes.
Information that you would not see on your credit monitoring report are your credit score and any information regarding your checking or savings account.

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