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What Can I Do When My Job Application Is Denied Because Of Bad Credit?

By Derek Brown
Published: Friday, July 16th, 2010

The recession created thousands of laid-off workers last year. Now that the economy is already recuperating, the unemployed are also trying their luck at getting a job so they could stop depending on food coupons and other government aids for the unemployed. Also, having a job boosts a person’s morale and makes him feel secure.

However, you might have spotted certain job vacancies, passed your resumes and CVs and got your applications denied. You honestly think that you are fit for the job and have the qualification to support your claim, but then the interviewer suddenly butts in and points out your credit report information showing signs of unhealthy credit. What will you do next?

Many people every year encounter the same problem. Students, housewifes, professionals, job seekers often encounter wrong information in their report which makes them ineligible for certain things they are applying for (i.e. student loan, home mortgage, job application). The best way to attack this situation is to ask the loan officer who denied you loan request (or the employer who denied your job application) which credit reporting agency supplied the bad credit information. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an institution which uses the information from a CRA must tell you in which creadit bureau report it was contained.

The next thing you do is to contact the CRA. While it is possible for you to reach them via phonecall or e-mail, it is still best for you to write them using regular mail. When you communicate in writing, there is a better chance for you to include all the pertinent information about the credit and you will be able to fully explain what happened and why it led to your credit inquiry. This would not be achievable through a simple telephone conversation and the person at the other line may not be able to fully note your compalints and the particular information in your credit report.

Usually, the credit bureaus repsond to verification requests within 30 days. If it has been proven that there are certain information in your report that is not supposedly included under your credit identity then it will be removed. Afterwards, you can ask for an updated version of your report and you can go back to your job hunting with less chances of getting denied because of credit information.

Bottomline is, check your credit report regularly to lessen chances of retaining wrong information in your report.

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