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Why Do I Need To Bother Checking Name Spelling And Social Security Numbers On My Credit Report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

There are a lot of information contained in one’s credit report. Most of these are information about your latest purchases, mortages, car or students loans and other related information about your credit transactions. Most people look directly into their credit obligations without paying further attention at the spelling of the creditor’s name or the birthdate. But little did we know that these information are vital to keeeping the credit report accurate.

US population is huge and having a name that 10 people out there also have is not a new issue. There are times wherein your namesake has extremely bad credit and that the credit reporting agency made the mistake of lifting several financial judgements of that person and carried it over to your credit report.

This is when checking spelling, birthdates and social security numbers come in. Everytime there is a purchase or mortgage you are not familiar with, check whether the spelling of the creditor’s name. This can be a real problem if you do not constantly check reports so be sure to get your free credit reports at least once in every three months. If the name spelling is correct, the enxt thing you should check is the birthdate and the social security number. If it does state a different birthdate and SS number then you can now go to the credit bureau with your dispute letter and wait for 30 days or less for their investigation to be completed. Often times, if it is a different personand they placed his information in your credit report, it will be removed in the revised report that will be issued.

However, if it has the same birthdate and social security number hten you might want to check the items again and make sure that you have not purchased or made the following transaction. If that happens, consider investigation for credit identity theft. The easiest way for you to prevent the thief from using your name in further transaction is to inform any of the three credit bureaus that you have been victimized by identity theft. Calling one bureau will often lead to that bureau informing the other two but it is still good to personally inform each of them.

Taking care of your credit record does not only mean paying your bills ont ime but also safeguarding it from credit fraud and bad credit of your namesakes. Keep an eye on your credit reports.

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