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Can I Really Repair My Credit By Myself?

By Derek Brown
Published: Monday, November 8th, 2010

There actually are a lot of peoples asking themselves if they really can do the fixing of their own credit and the answer is a big yes. There is no more need for you to pay thousand just to have someone do it for you. There are thousand of other people out there who had some issues regarding their credit and have successfully fixed it. If there is a way for credit repair firms or clinics in repairing your credit then you sure have it too.

There are no known legal ways in deleting any inaccuracies on one’s credit report but the law gives you the right to conduct investigations and be bale to dispute for any found errors. Feel free to request for an investigation since it is free of charge. The rule is this: when your credit bureau can not in any way prove or confirm the information on your credit report than they must remove it; with no question.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can fix your credit by yourself.

1. Have a copy of your credit report.

Yes, they are free so feel free to request one. The three major credit bureaus provide free credit report yearly but having it checked regularly is more recommended.

2. Have a credit report analysis

Once you have your credit report in your hand then check each and every information you find in there. Once you see any disputable information, then take note of them or highlight them so it will be easier for you to point them out. Inaccuracies like delinquencies, late payments or bankruptcy sure are negative information that will truly hurt your credit.

Here are some other information that you may find in your credit report that are considered to be very damaging:

- foreclosure
- collections
- credit queries
- credits declined
- loans at default
- court judgments

If you have not been notified by your creditor about the mentioned information then they have committed some violations against the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you have all the freedom to request them to delete the negative information.

While you can repair your credit yourself, it still is important that you are guided by someone who knows all the policies and rules in credit repair. Negative reports on your credit may take time to be deleted or could cause more damages so act the soonest possible when you find information that aren’t supposed to be there.

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