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How to start your credit repair?

By Derek Brown
Published: Monday, April 26th, 2010

It has been seen that free credit reports are provided to all consumers through the crediting bureaus. These bureaus provide reports that aid in repairing credit and rectifying errors on the credit reports. The simplest methods of getting a free credit report are through the credit reporting agencies. 

According to the FCRA or the Fair Credit reporting act there are three main crediting bureaus that provide all the citizens of the U.S with a free credit report. The three main crediting bureaus are Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax and they provide credit reports to all citizens of the U.S at least once in every 12 months. It is best to get these credit reports at different intervals so that at least one credit bureau would be providing the consumer with a free credit report every 4 months.

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