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How can I protect myself from Credit Report Scam

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Credit report is a very important official document. It is no less than a birth certificate, medical certificate or insurance certificate. As people have started acknowledging its importance, some people are taking an undue advantage of this. These days credit report scam has become extremely common. The first case of credit report scam came in forefront in 2005, January. In people’s frenzy to mend their credit report they at times compromise with their morals and find themselves in the clutches of the imposters. They fail to differentiate between the real sources and fake agencies.

Many-a-times people receive an e-mail stating receive a free copy of your credit report. This is nothing, but an imposter who poses to be a legal business entity. Many people fall prey to the false and tall claims made by these people. In the e-mail you are required to give in all your confidential details like name, social security number, address, date of birth and many more of such kind. As all these information is actually required for obtaining your credit report it is really difficulty to differentiate false from the genuine once. Every year thousands of people become a victim of such fraudulent practices.

As there are frequent cases of credit report scam all you need to be careful of is of hoax e-mails and false promises. It is advisable to go in for paid services from government authorized agencies and authorities. This way you will obtain the credit report without any troubles. Also, the safety of the information is guaranteed.

The credit report scam can be avoided with little care and vigilance. In case you wish to obtain a copy of your credit report you can do a research for related websites on the Internet.

All you need to do is give in your personal details mentioned above and the copy would be there for you to view within few seconds. The other recognized websites which offer free credit reports are-, and But, when you give out all your personal details make sure the website promises security of the information given.

So if you want to avoid credit report scams, be careful. Keep your eyes and ears open for the fake practices. You need to be alert all the time. Don’t fall for saving few extra dollars. It is better to pay little extra to obtain your credit report to avoid any future inconvenience.

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