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How to Avoid Discrepancies on Credit Report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Credit records cannot be as accurate as they ought to be. We all understand that credit reports cradle information that reveals billing and debt records. Courthouse records, lawsuits, bankruptcies and the credit history are all part of the credit report aside from the personal information of the person. See all the information are crucial data thus an error in this record can really post serious problems to the person involved.

The sad thing about credit reports is that they are prone to errors. This reality opens more business to credit repair companies and more threats to consumers. Fixing the discrepancies on the credit report might sound so serious thus you might be swayed to get professional help.  However as a credit report advice it is never necessary. All the things a credit repair company claims to be able to do for you are the things you can actually do for yourself.

When you have spotted an error in your credit report be certain that the transaction recorded on your data never involved you and be ready for any supporting documents to strengthen your claim. Verify your dispute by confirming with the source of the information. Then send your dispute to the credit bureau.

To help your self avoid being in the middle of the problem before you can even act upon it start doing preventive measures like keeping all your receipts, checks, billing statements and letters regarding all the transactions you were involved with.

To avoid errors on your credit report make sure to use the same exact name on all your credit lines and loans. This will help you reduce the possibility of having a mixed up on your record.

It is also a credit report advice to provide your Social Security Number when applying for a credit. This number will surely be unique and that there is no chance for anyone to have the same number as you do therefore regardless of how many people out there carry the same name as you do you have the least tendency to have your name be mixed up. In addition to this, when applying for a credit a clearer credit history can be made if you will be including the list of your previous addresses for the last five years.

It is always wise to keep tract of your credit report. Review it as regularly as possible if you are serious in wanting to avoid any discrepancy and the ripples of troubles in can bring.

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