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How to get your credit reports for free?

By Derek Brown
Published: Friday, April 16th, 2010

The FCRA or the Fair credit reporting act provides for the free credit report system, and ensures that the three main credit reporting bureaus provide all citizens with a free credit report. These reports include details of latest financial transactions and the chance to check the errors on the same.

With the help of these credit reports one can evaluate their creditworthiness and check the kind of interest rates that they can get before applying for loans and mortgages. This would also help them to judge if it is the right time to apply for these loans or not.

With the help of these free credit reports, credit scores can be improved through various means. Some of them include options of debt consolidation loans, debt reduction and negotiations, credit card counseling and other related methods. Hence, a regular check of your credit scores helps your financials to be on track.

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