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How to report your credit report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

The credit dispute can be filled by you in writing. This suggests that you can either mail an epistle to credit reporting agency or the other option open to avail is fill an online form to report the credit dispute. Precisely a span of thirty days is given to the credit reporting agency by the Fair Credit Report Act to carry out an investigation on the claim made and arrive on a conclusion. You will be given results in writing along with a copy of your credit copy in case any amendments have been made.

The most excellent way to report a dispute is to enclose a credit report’s photo copy along with the letter. Whatever flaws are there in the credit report encircle and number them. In the letter you write furnish essential information referring to the points separately.

To ensure speedy processing of your request it is important for to comprise your complete name along with mailing address, birth date, social security number, creditor’s name as well as the account number for which you are filing the complaint.

In case the details disputed against are found to erroneous, the same will be altered within a span of thirty days. And if the creditor happens to render no proof for all the information furnished in your credit card report to be accurate then in that case it will be changed by all means.

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