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What are the ways to fix bad credit report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Having a bad credit report is surly a nightmare for many. It not only accounts for your mental harassment but also public embarrassments at times. A bad credit means a compromise with a good career option, paying of high rate of interests on the bank loans if you are able to procure them some how, high insurance rates and high annual fee on the credit cards. A bad credit report eats up your resources and energy.

Though, if you have bad credit report, there are many ways to set it right. You can make all the efforts yourself to mend your credit report or take assistance from some experts. The first step towards your credit report fixing can be to monitor your credit report constantly. Ask for your past credit reports. It is always better to have a hard copy of your credit reports. Look out for potential errors and bring them in notice of the concerned authorities. A recent study shows that around 65% of credit report problems arise due to errors. Though, you will surely be required to show the proofs to get the required amendments made. At times credit agencies give some infractions, which are for a stipulated time period. Make sure that those infractions are removed once the time period is over. This will surely help you improve your credit report well in time.

Try and negotiate with your creditors. Remember, what is of prime importance to them is there money. If not full amount, they would be ready to settle for a lump sum amount. Offer them your price and try and come to a comfortable figure for both. This way you will be able to fix your credit report well in time.

Try and consolidate your debts. In case you have obtained loans from various institutions or persons, try and consolidate it in one with some debt consolidation agency. They pay off your loans to all the creditors and charge you for the same with a rate of interest higher than the others. Though this is a convenient way, it is still very expensive.

Try and honor your dues well on time. Never neglect your outstanding bills. If your credit report shows you are careful about paying your dues, it will surely help you improve your credit report in no time.

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