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What Services Are Offered By The Credit Bureaus?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, December 19th, 2010

To be able to do your part in the process of making sure the information written in your credit record are all true you have to have time for it. However nowadays there are just too many things that need our attention and sometimes stretching out our 24 hours a day would not even suffice attending to all the things we need to take care of. Indeed today’s lifestyle consumes our time before we even know it.

With this it is not surprising to know that most people have a hard time following the credit report advice of regularly checking and reviewing one’s credit history. Given that there are three major credit bureaus with differing data about you it leaves you with having to deal with reviewing three credit reports.

If you are really struggling with a very tight schedule reviewing your credit records might be impossible for you to accomplish but there is no problem with this for an extra service from the credit bureaus might help you.   

Experian, Equifax and TransaUnion, the three major credit bureaus offer services that might actually be of great help for some. Pulling out your credit history more than just once a year is possible with the services offered by the credit bureaus. It really sounds a lot better to have a regular review of your credit history for more than once in every 12 months. Of course the closer you get to watch over your record the better chances of avoiding any problems are present.

If it is time you are really worried about credit bureaus can do more than pulling your credit record more than once a year but also they can handle your task of closely monitoring your data. Moreover a 3-in-1 services are rendered by these bureaus. This service can make all three credit reports viewed in a single file and with this comes the ease of comparison and analysis. Any anomalous transactions seen in your account transactions are closely checked and fraud alerts follow.

These extra services catered by the three major credit bureaus can really help people whose lives are intertwined with the busy schedule of the current world. The services can be of great help knowing that you do not miss one important thing to avoid any possible financial troubles while you are busy attending your life however the services are not for free of course. An extra service means an extra pay.

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