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How Would I Improve My Credit Score?

By Derek Brown
Published: Saturday, January 15th, 2011

It could be very expensive and stressful when one’s credit gets blurred. It could take years and a lot of money when you repair your credit scores so for you not no be in this same dilemma, here are some steps you can follow to start improving your credit score. Remember that the figures on your score will determine whether you’ll get a loan or get approved of a mortgage or credit card. 

The best secret to improving your credit score is keeping yourself from expensive purchases using your card. When you go out, leave your cards at home as much as possible. There is nothing wrong making a purchase with the credit card so long as you have the resources but If you spend more than your resources then it is time you change your spending habit. When your unpaid dues get accumulated then this is real bad for your score. The lower your score gets, the lower your chances of getting a new credit or a loan or even a mortgage. 

You often have read experts advising each consumer to get a copy of their credit report. Some may not see the importance yet until they get victimized by identity or credit card thieves. In most cases, it can take years before the crime gets discovered and the longer the discrepancies stay on your records, the bigger the damage it could bring in your credit score. Check your credit report and if you see some errors, have it reported. It is every consumer’s right to dispute credit errors and when not justified by the credit company then they should be taken out of the records. 

As much as possible, pay your bills on time. Recurring late payments will hurt your credit score. 35% of your whole credit score is based on your paying history so be diligent on this aspect. When you are in the process of fixing or repairing your credit then it is never advisable to be applying for new ones. Tendency is you will only get rejected and will affect your score.

It might be your reflex reaction to close credit cards which carry a balance but before you do that, ask an expert on the better step to do. This might only make your situation worse especially on your credit score.

To sum it up, the only thing you really have to do is be wise with your spending. When you start doing this, you’ll never have to go through a credit repair mode.

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