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What are the advantages of good credit score? And how can it be improved?

By Derek Brown
Published: Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Credit score is a numerical value, evaluated keeping in consideration your financial history and credits. To have a good credit score is of utmost importance if, you want to have a secured financial future. A good credit score promises you the following benefits: 

  • Easy unsecured loans: if you have credit score above 700 you, surely can grab the loans instantly without having to run from pillar to pole. Your credit score speaks for your authenticity and commitment level. All the financial institutions lend you loans at most competitive rate of interest and with least formalities.
  • Discounted insurance rates: whenever you buy the insurance cover you, need to submit a copy of your credit report which obviously reflects your credit score. In case you have good credit score you are given discounts on your premiums as your credit score reflects you are responsible and will honor all your dues.
  • Better job opportunities: most employers to ensure the genuineness of the employee check the credit score. In case an individual has good credit score he is preferred over the other as it talks about his commitment level and sincerity towards his responsibilities.  

If you want to bag-in all the above mentioned advantages you, must strive hard and keep your scores high. Here, are some of the easy tips for you to follow: 

  • Credit monitoring: it is really important to go in for credit monitoring. This way you can keep a count of all your financial dealings. Also, it saves you from the potential danger of identity theft.
  • Revise your credit reports timely: it is better to revise your credit reports from time to time and look out for errors if any. If you find any error bring it in the notice of both the credit reporting agencies and the creditor. Try and get the report rectified as soon as possible to give a boost to your credit score.  
  • Pay off your debts: in case you have debts in your name try and pay them off as soon as possible. This will surely help you give boost to your credit score. In case you have multiple loans consolidate them into one to reduce your list of creditors.
  • Take some professionals help: in case you feel you are incapable of handling your finances well, take some professionals assistance. They know their job well and arrange for the things accordingly. They help you consolidate your loans, negotiate your loan amount with the lenders and even chart out the expenses for you.

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