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Can we prevent identity theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Protecting yourself against identity theft is a tough ask but not impossible. You can lower the risk of your identity theft by following some steps: 

  1. Never share your personal information with a stranger
  2. Even if you are sharing your personal information, you should be 100 per cent sure about how it is going to be used
  3. Try to protect your social security number, which is easily available in your credit report
  4. Never disclose you credit card numbers or pin numbers of your debit card to any tele-caller or to any one over email or voice mailbox.
  5. You should immediately inform you bank when you credit card is stolen

 Though it is tough to say whether you could immune yourself completely by following such steps, but surely you can lower the chances of identity theft.

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