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How can a credit report help in recognition of an identity theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

A credit report can be used by a card user to verify if he is a victim of any identity theft. Once verified a credit report can provide a complete solace to the debtor who knows that all the financial activities listed on the report are done by him and are legitimate.

A credit report will report all the request applications issued for credit. If any inquiry to any creditor for debt seems inappropriate due to its date or the lending company to which it was made , then it is done by an identity thief and should be investigated further.

A credit report can also reveal any changes made in address or employment. If a thief has been using any of your old credit accounts which were inactive for a long time, then it is revealed in the credit report. The thief may get an alteration of address on such accounts. The report states detailed information about all the open and closed credit accounts and whether any activity has been conducted through any one of them.

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