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How can you keep a track on these thefts?

By Derek Brown
Published: Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

These identity thefts cannot be located unless the individual using the fake ID or personal document can be traced. For instance, if your credit card has been stolen then a lot of huge bills would be added to your account. These would include products which are not bought by you. But this form of theft can only be understood if you receive the bill for the same. However, catching the thieves at the scene of action is a rare possibility. Most of the times, people also don’t report it to the police and simply freeze the card. 

One of the easiest measures of monitoring your credit report is keeping a track of the bills added to your account. If you notice any bills in your credit report that are not charged by you then you should report these crimes instantly. There is a possibility that you are a victim of identity theft and thus you should try and be alert with all your bills and documents.

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