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How checking credit scores can prevent identity thefts?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

The term identity thefts have become a common problem and getting hold of thief is almost impossible because the crime is skillfully performed. More than often victims are not aware of the same till they see their bills or credit reports. Here the thief usually uses or takes over under the identity of another person to commit a crime. 

Identity thefts can be done for various motives which are mostly with the purpose of getting monetary or materialistic gains. Stolen credit cards are used by thieves for buying products that are charged to the account of the credit card owners. Certain thefts are committed using the identity of another person, and the person, whose identity has been used, is blamed for the crime. 

More than monetary losses, the main risks here include social stigma and mental torture for the individual.

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