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How do credit reports help in identifying these thefts?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Credit reports can help to identity these thefts because one can trace an irregular financial pattern on their reports. It has been seen that one of major reasons for the same here is that thieves are rarely caught at the scene of crime. Credit card owners usually are a victim of these thefts and it is necessary for them to report these to the police.

The free credit reports helps in curbing identity thefts as people check their free credit reports every four months. These reports are availed from each of the credit reporting bureaus and it is essential to check the various payments made and the details of their bills carefully. All kinds of unusual activity in these reports should immediately be cross checked with the bureaus because sooner identification of the problem would mean lower losses for you.

Caution can be exercised to make sure that identity thefts are avoided. Some measures that one can implement here include not disclosing personal and banking information on the internet or to unknown persons. You should also check the credit card bills should be checked regularly. All kinds of strange activities on the credit card should be immediately reported to the bank or retailer.

It should be kept in mind that credit cards should not be left at your office desk or gym. Another factor that should be kept in mind is to not share any password related information on emails or through the web as this can be easily identified by the hackers.

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