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How to handle your password details to keep it safe against identity theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Besides ensuring that you keep away from sensitive documents, keep your details safe, access your annual credit report from time to time along with ensuring that you do not divulge your credit card details to just about anybody it is enormously important to manage your password properly to protect yourself from identity theft. Identity thieves can easily hack your accounts and unravel all your personal details if your password is simple and easy.

Many websites of online banking are equipped with the systems which render multiple layers for password security. Many of the systems will ensure that you opt for a password that cannot be hacked, but the same is not true for many others as well. When the online system id not equipped to offer protection against bad choices of password then you will have to manage it yourself.

Though the people are aware that they should make use of good passwords, but still conflict their opinion with the knowledge that they will forget it somehow and they can unnecessary trouble themselves to write it somewhere. In such cases they opt for a password that is easy and can be cracked easily. In the top of it they make use of the same password for all their accounts. This basic human nature often runs them down into so many troubles. Along with that it is also advised not to use banking passwords for other websites.

Many people are also of the notion that their account cannot be hacked even if they have a bad password. This is a wrong attitude as password cracking software can hack the crudest passwords, cracking a bad password will not be a difficult task. Many sophisticated password cracking software can be availed free of cost online. Many of the hackers also exchange their cracking routines online.

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