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How Will I know if the Information in My Credit Report is Wrong?

By Derek Brown
Published: Thursday, September 15th, 2011

A credit report is a file about all transactions made by a certain individual in a period of time.  These are usually sent by banks or credit card companies to let you know about all transactions done with your account.  Make sure you receive these regularly.  If not, get in touch with the bank or Credit Card Company to make sure there is no case of identity theft.

If you do receive your credit reports monthly, review it well.  Check every detail and information that is in it.  Some usually just take a quick glance at their report and throw them away.  This is not a recommended practice.  You should take time to review all items listed to check if those transactions listed are, in fact, true and accurate.  If you notice anything different or something does not seem right, check with your bank or Credit Card Company.  They will walk you through reviewing the information in your credit report.  If it does not match the information they have in their database, have them send you a new and updated copy.  Doing so will take you one step away from becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud.

To make sure that you know the accurate transactions made with your bank account or credit cards, you should keep track of it.  When you use your card for certain transactions, keep them in mind or better yet, keep a copy of the receipt or list them down in a small notebook.  If something in your credit report does not match whatever transactions you have legally made, then you know that there is something wrong.  You have to keep in mind that cases of identity theft are sometimes not traced immediately that is why it is advisable to check for anything suspicious at once, no matter how insignificant it may be.  Check all details about your personal information as well.

Most credit reports have them too to make sure you got the right report sent to you.  If there is anything that does not pertain to you or was not provided by you, contact your bank or credit card company immediately to verify and correct the information in their records.  It is very simple to determine if there is something wrong with your credit report.  It just takes a little time and effort to review them.  This is such a small task to do to help you prevent being victimized by any fraudulent acts or identity theft.

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