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Is it possible to prevent identity theft completely?

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

If you feel that you being cautious will put a stop to identity theft, you are wrong. Personal information of yours is in the hands of a bunch of organizations and institutions which you cannot help. Though you can take several steps to prevent identity theft but there is no assurance as such that it will successfully eliminate all the risks. But the responsibility belongs to the organizations who store your information in their system. They should employ skilled professionals who can prevent password hacking. On your side you should shred papers containing your personal information and do not provide passwords at public computers.

Types of identity thefts

Often people live with a belief that credit scams are the commonest of all types of identity thefts. But in reality it only one third of the frauds is related to credit thefts. Personal information of an individual can be retrieved from the medical bills, driving licenses, passports, checking accounts and tax documents. You need to be extremely cautious while handling all these; otherwise you might end up with loss of identity and related scams.

There are numerous professional service providers who specialize in prevention of identity thefts. Apart from personal awareness you can seek help from the reputed agencies. Make sure you are getting full proof services as far as your identity is concerned.

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