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What are the ways to guard you and perhaps put a stop to identity theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Thursday, December 17th, 2009
  • Shred each document which you have, containing the personal information, comprising receipts, statements, address as well as credit card offers. A few statements even hold a blank check for you to make use of. Be more careful in particular if you reside with other people, also your friends.
  • Your SSN card belongs in safe place in your house and not in the wallet.
  • Never write you’re PIN anywhere close to your card. Thieves would have an easy access to your funds if you misplace it. Sign all the cards without delay.
  • Look at the alterations in your reports and state any strange and unusual activity.
  • Obtain your credit report as well as decode it at once. The faster that you obtain a hold of it, it would be better.
  • There are a few companies that proffer at least one credit report checking and more if you choose to. A few comes with the law firm that you could call to look for assistance with any lawful matter that you might have. Obtain the best one which would suit your requirements. Have the bit of mind knowing there is somebody that you could turn to for help.

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