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What can be the results of identity theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, October 4th, 2009

An identity thief can use the account of a person by sending fake checks to people to ruin his credit score. The recipient of such a check if he tries to obtain money from the issuer of the check through a collection agency cant do so, if the issuance of the check is proved to be a fraud. Such a bad check is included in the credit report of the issuer, until it is proved to be a fraud.

Identity theft can result in adverse complications when a creditor wants payments for purchases that are supposedly made by you. The process of credit repair is also stopped because a lot of new accounts are opened by an identity thief. An identity thief can harm the credit history of a person by taking too many loans in his name or by sending counterfeit ATM envelope deposits and money orders.

Credit monitoring or contact by collection agencies to obtain money bring any kind of an identity theft into the knowledge of a person.

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