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What is identity theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Identity theft is the term utilized to refer to deception which involves somebody pretending to be somebody else so as to steal money or obtain other advantages. The name is comparatively new as well as is in fact a misnomer, because it is not essentially feasible to steal an identity, just to make use of it. The individual whose identity is used could suffer a variety of consequences when he is held liable for the performer’s actions. In a lot of countries particular laws make it an offense to use other person’s identity for individual gain.

Identity theft is to some extent different from identity deception. On the other hand, the terms are usually used interchangeably. Identity fraud is an outcome of identity theft. Somebody could steal or appropriate someone’s identifying information devoid of in fact committing identity fraud. The finest instance of this is when the data breach takes place. There has been very little proof to connect ID fraud to the data breaches.

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