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What to do with personal documents?

By Derek Brown
Published: Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Documents are good sources for the identity thieves who wish to take out money from your account. Sometimes the pre-approved credit cards that are sent to your address often cause this problem. If a thief grabs hold of it he will possibly send it back to the credit card company asking them to send the card at a different address that is not yours obviously. This is the reason why you should ask the bank to deliver the document via courier so that you can receive them personally. It is good to destroy or shred the document containing your personal information. If you are saving your information at the office computer, make sure the folder is properly locked and not accessible to others. So not carry your identification documents with you always. Make a copy and carry it instead. This way you can reduce the risk of information leakage.

Follow the above safety measures to minimize risks involved in identity thefts and stay secured.

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