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Why Would Someone Be Interested in My Personal Information?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, September 4th, 2011

There are two main reasons why someone would commit identity theft.  One reason is that they need a new identity that would help them get a new life.  Most people who commit this kind of crime are those who have had bad records under their own identity.  It is hard for them to clean up their own record so they steal someone else’s instead.  It seems better for them to steal another identity than to wait years to set their records straight.  They would use any personal information you have to travel from country to country without being questioned.  They can also use your information to open new accounts under your name.

In identity theft, if you have a good credit report, they would not have to worry about obtaining important documents such as a driver’s license.  They would easily get a job as well. There will be no questions asked and no negative results from background checks.  The most important detail about you that can be stolen is your social security number.  This serves as some sort of national ID.  So if they are able to acquire this, almost all things that they want to do are possible.  Some identity theft criminals are even careful in using credit cards.  They can go for years under your name without you or your bank knowing about it.

The second reason, which is also the most common, is that once they have your personal information, they would be able to use your money and credit card for their own. They spend money that they did not need to work hard for.  They can purchase expensive stuff t your expense.  They would use your credit card in buying stuff that they need or want.  They can even use your personal information in opening new accounts.

The worst thing that could happen to you when you are a victim of identity theft is that your credit report and credit score will be affected.  You might be surprised to get a letter or a call from a person who is collecting whatever was used in purchasing expensive stuff that you did not buy.  You might just get a bill of an outstanding amount of debts, with a list of transactions you are sure you have never made.  It is important that you do not rely on bills that much.  If the identity thief is wise enough, they can reroute the bills anywhere to avoid getting caught.  They can change a billing address to anywhere they want.  This will keep you from receiving your bills and from being aware of any changes made about your credit report.

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