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  • Q: Is there any relation between credit monitoring and debt management?

    Debt management and credit monitoring are integrally related in a sense that monitoring the details of one’s consumer credit reports would certainly help him in managing his existing debt and chalking out the exact measures to get rid of it. November 28, 2009

  • Q: How credit card can help in managing debt?

    It is simple and precise. One has to stop using it unless the reason is extremely crucial like related to health concerns. November 28, 2009

  • Q: Is credit rating of an individual related to his personal debt management?

    Yes, but in an indirect manner. Credit rating in general tells about the paying back ability of a person in instances of being in debt. It depends on a number of factors such as monthly income of the individual, his past paying back records, his current credit status etc. The … (more) November 28, 2009

  • Q: Are there roles to be played by the kith and kin of the debtor in managing his debt?

    Why not! The relatives and the dear friends of the debtor can act as real support systems for him in the time of financial distress. They can advice him on the best quality service providers in the market which can take up his requirements of debt management with dexterity. Moreover, … (more) November 28, 2009

  • Q: Whom shall one refer in order to manage his prevalent debt?

    One can refer to different sources in order to get assistance managing one’s debt. Financial bodies are generally given the foremost priority that conditionally gives the debtor a specific loan amount at a relatively affordable interest rate to structurally overcome his existing financial liabilities that he is ought to clear … (more) November 28, 2009

  • Q: What is the fundamental concept of managing debt?

    There is no fundamental concept as such. Managing one’s debt in layman language can be interpreted as organizing and incorporating financial measures to get rid of the existing debt situation with regards to one’s economic credentials. November 28, 2009

  • Q: How can you reduce the risk of identity theft?

    The risk of identity theft can be successfully reduced by following some simple techniques. First of all whenever you receive a credit card make sure that you are no way lending them to anyone. Also sign at the back of your credit card to ensure your identity. If you are … (more) November 27, 2009

  • Q: How does identity theft occur?

    In United States and Canada, identity theft is considered the commonest problem and the crime rate is highest here. The Federal Trade Commission receives complaints against identity theft five times more than the past years. The number has increased from 31,117 to 161,819 down the years 2000 to 2002. In … (more) November 27, 2009

  • Q: Can lower credit limit result to good credit score?

    It is very important that you keep your credit level to as much low as possible. In fact you shouldn’t use more than 50-40 percent of the credit limit. Borrowers are generally mistaken my lower credit limits because it doesn’t affect their spending habits. But if you are sensible you … (more) November 26, 2009

  • Q: Can people with low credit scores avail loans?

    Credit scores are use by lenders to determine the risk of lending out the money to you. With credit scores they measure the chances of your paying back the loan. At times to improve your bad credit history you can avail loans. Such loans are termed as bad credit personal … (more) November 26, 2009