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  • Q: Is it safe to provide your financial or personal information over the phone or on the web?

    If you are in a notion that providing your information to some telesales or virtual sales person over the phone or through a website will lead towards identity theft, then you are probably not aware of the fact that most of the financial organizations, telephone companies and educational institutes keep … (more) November 17, 2009

  • Q: What is debt management software?

    Debt managing software helps a person in planning his payments and expenses. Debt management software assures that a debtor does not need to resort to the use of loans for managing existing debt. It cannot lead to a faster payout of the high interest credit rates and loans. Such software … (more) November 16, 2009

  • Q: What are simple and sure shot ways of improving credit score quickly?

    Credit score is of immense importance for leading a normal financial life. People with good credit scores have innumerable advantages over the ones who have low credit scores. Thus people must constantly make efforts to improve the credit scores. People have two options to improve their credit scores namely-all by … (more) November 15, 2009

  • Q: How can bad credit scores affect the normal life?

    Credit report is the most valuable document as it is a mirror of your financial activities. It helps you analyze where you actually stand, what is your credit worth as on date. It is a summary document of all your loans. Credit report features a credit score, which gives you … (more) November 14, 2009

  • Q: How to cut down on expenditure to repair credit?

    Before starting to cut down on your expenses, you should first review your monthly bills and look for charges that have been imposed on you unnecessarily. There are some hidden charges in your phone, cable or credit card bill. So it is important for you find them out and get … (more) November 13, 2009

  • Q: Can I sell a major asset for credit repair?

    Raising cash to repair your credit is a major challenge. So it would be a good idea to sell one of your major assets like car, house or land to raise the cash so that your can pay off your debts. It will not only help you to raise cash … (more) November 13, 2009

  • Q: How to get tax refund early for credit repair?

    While repairing your credit you have to find out ways of getting your own cash from different sources so that you can pay off your debts. Never ever borrow money to pay your debts since it will do no good to your credit woes. In fact it will deepen your … (more) November 13, 2009

  • Q: Why is it necessary to fix your bad credit report?

    Credit report is an emblematic of your character and credit and moral standing. It gives a crystal clear picture of your monetary standards in the society. It helps you know where you actually stand at present as it tells you your net savings and credits as on date. Credit … (more) November 12, 2009

  • Q: How to do credit repair after bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy is the financial doom of a person who faces it. Credit repair after bankruptcy includes the most cautionary taking of debt. Credit repair after bankruptcy is a slow process. The proposals for new lines of credit are drastically reduced after a person is announced bankrupt. Credit repair after bankruptcy … (more) November 11, 2009

  • Q: Why is it important to fix credit scores? How can I improve my scores?

    It is very significant to have a good credit score. Your credibility depends on your credit score largely. In case you have a good credit score you will surely be in good books of all the banks and financial institutions and it would be really easy to procure long term, … (more) November 10, 2009