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10 Important Facts That Will Save You From Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Identity theft is the use without permission somebody’s  personal information such as name, Social Security number, bank account, credit card number and many more. These are all used without the knowledge of the owner for personal benefit. 

With the rising of technology, things become convenient and fast. A click or a swap can make things move or change. There are many facts about identity theft that we need to know. Modern technology has made it easy to steal identities. It is not only easy but is also fast. 

The following facts about identity theft are already known by a few. Those who do not know yet, these  are important points to learn. 

  • Identity theft is more prevalent in rich societies. Countries like the United States of America and United Kingdom have high records of identity theft as compared to those who are in the third world countries.
  • Identity theft does not select a place.  Although the crime is more prevalent in more affluent societies, it does not mean that people in smaller areas are not affected as much as those in the city. That is because simple use of electronic gadgets will connect you to identity thieves.
  • Identity theft can be committed by people known to the victim. Acquaintances like hotel clerk, parlour attendants, restaurant cashier could do you more harm than service. Recorded cases cited close friends, relatives and even trusted family members to be guilty of this offense. You may not use electronic gadgets often but given facts about identity theft shows that the people who are close to you are not all trustworthy.
  • Identity theft cases are not discovered immediately.  Almost half of identity theft victims found about their problem at least after three months. Others (about 15%) discover the crime after many years.
  • Identity theft victims include children.  Children do not use their Social Security number. Facts about identity theft will only be discovered when the victim applies for a job or a student loan.
  • Stealing Social Security Number is mostly committed by illegal immigrants.  Illegal immigrants steal Social Security number to gain employment for an average of 30 times.
  • Identity theft victims will suffer their case for a long time. Facts of identity theft  reveals that innocent people are left suffering for a long time. Some even need to suffer in jail when they cannot defend their innocence.
  • Identity theft has solutions. Don’t give your personal information to people or companies you do not know. Request for credit reports as often as possible so you can monitor unusual changes in your accounts. In addition, your documents should be well kept to avoid temptation to identity thieves.
  • Damages from identity theft can be minimized. Once you found out that you are a victim, immediately report to the police, inform companies or banks where you have your accounts registered. That means you need to keep the photocopies of your license, phone numbers, credit card and other account numbers in a safe place for immediate reference when the original copies are stolen.
  • Companies offering theft identity protection are available.  There are many companies offering theft identity protection which are proactive. This fact of identity theft will require you additional monthly bills but it will give you peace of mind. 

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