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Facts about the Different Kinds of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Identity theft is all about thieves who are able to steal your identity and use it in malicious and oftentimes illegal transactions. Being a victim of this kind of crime would surely mean disastrous and problematic consequences on your part. This is because, a lot of things would be threatened, from your economic situation toy your personal reputation. However, there are still many consumers who are falling victim to this crime, just because they were ignorant in the first place of facts about identity theft. 

Therefore, in order for you to effectively prevent identity theft, it is likewise important for you to be able to have an adept knowledge on facts about identity theft. This would surely help you prevent identity theft better, because it will serve as a guide on the things that you must do, as well as the things that you must expect. 

One of the saddest facts about identity theft is that it actually comes in many forms. This is because identity thieves have been able to make creative ways in stealing every identity that you have. Here then are some of the most important facts about identity theft, specifically in its different kinds that you must know: 

Character Identity Theft

  • It involves thieves who are able to literally steal you name and use it in all the malicious and illegal actions that they want to do.
  • Usually, it involves thieves being able to know all the essential personal information about you in able to build credibility. This includes you complete name, your address, your social security number, and many other personal information.
  • This poses risks in destroying your reputation and involving you in problematic lawsuits because most likely, they will do crimes in your name, making you have additional criminal records.  

Credit Identity Theft

  • This involves thieves being able to steal your credit account and use it for all their expenditures and all other financial transactions.
  • Obviously, credit identity thieves are able to know your credit card number, as well as other vital personal information, in order for them to steal your credit cars account.
  • In this case, credit identity thieves pose risks in using up your finances, making you bankrupt and also making you have difficulties in securing future loans or having a new credit account. 

Driver’s License Identity Theft

  • This involves thieves being able to steal and use your driver’s license every time they drive.
  • Usually, they are able to secure your driver’s license number and your whole name, the reason why they can actually use it.
  • Driver’s license identity thieves can make you find difficulties in renewing your license, for all of the traffic violations that they will make will be recorded in your name.   

Medical Identity Theft

  • Thieves in this kind of identity theft are actually able to steal your personal identity in using your medical insurance.
  • Usually, medical identity thieves are able to access your social security number, your whole name as well as your relative’s, and of course, your medical insurance account every time they do this crime.
  • In this crime, there are chances that you are not able to use your insurance coverage in times if emergencies and even have chances of facing legal suits regarding false information. 

Social Security Number Identity Theft

  • Thieves in this kind are able to steal your identity using your social security account.
  • Obviously, this includes thieves being able to access your social security number.

In this crime, all the taxes that the thieves are due would be channelled to you, making you lose a lot of dollars.

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